Cold Weather is Sneaking up on us

This day was so cold and the wind made it seem worse. But, you know what the Sun was shining and I really didn’t have to get out in it.
We had the most wonderful weekend this past weekend at Farmer City, IL at a church that we are going to be doing a Lay Witness Mission at October 26th – 28th. This is such a loving friendly church and such a great choir for a small church. We are really looking forward to that weekend.
They will be having a 24 hr. Prayer vigil starting on Thursday evening to ask and invite the Holy Spirit to be present and to keep everyone safe.

Sometimes we can get overwhelmed with the “big picture”. Sometimes we want to know the end before we begin. But, we must trust Him for the next step… and then the next…and then the next. One Day At A Time,

Can we say, “YES, LORD!” without knowing all the details ahead of time?? That is the testing of our Faith…
It is a time to step out in FAITH! He has prepared the next step…are you ready to take it?
I will post some more tomorrow.

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