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I have decided to start blogging and writing again. I feel that there is a lot I have to share about things I have learned in my lifetime. A few things in 74 years. I have someone working on my site and it will look different when she is finished and perhaps easier to follow.

Thanks Karen

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My blog got deleted and my friend, Karen has set me up another one with the same name.  My bluehost had expired and they deleted my blog on in July sometime.   I found out when I went to post something today and there was no “Tina’s Treasured Thoughts” site.   Wow, was I surprised.  It seems they sent me an email, but it went to an old email address and so I never knew it has expired.

I didn’t think to keep up when my expiration date was or to let them know that I had a new email address.  Imagine my surprise.   I printed out all my old archives that Karen was able to get for me and I will post some of them back, but not many.

Since I am on Facebook now, I just didn’t post as much on my blog anymore.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful day and do try to have a wonderful life.   We only get one time around.  I am trying my best to enjoy all the yrs. I have left.

Blessings to all,